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about me

Height: 5'6"   |   Eye Color: Blue Grey   |   Hair Color: Red

voice over resume

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 Theater & Film resume

Special Skills

Unlimited Original Voices (see IMDB for some), 40+ Voice Impersonations Effects & Dialects (Cartoon Characters, Muppets, Singers, Comedians and Actors), Singing (LEGIT & BELT: Opera, Musical Theater, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Pop Standards, Rock & Gospel) Clowning, Improv, Intermediate Spanish (excellent pronunciation - no improv but learn text well), Can get funky - Can learn Hip Hop & Pop and Lock Choreography (back in the day I was in two Hip Hop Dance Companies - it's been a minute yo, but I still got it - heh!), Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal, Oil & Chalk Pastel), Portrait drawing and Painting, Painting (acrylic and watercolor), Sculpting & Screen Printing.

Top Dialects: RP, General Cockney (have done Cockney and RP Off-Broadway & RP and Reading for Broadway), French (French Grandmother), Irish (learning specific Limerick currently), German, Russian, General Southern (can learn any w/notice), Midwestern (skew Minnesota), NY, New Jersey, Long Island, Boston, & Learning Scottish (intermediate for now). I do many other accents extremely well but will not do them professionally as I believe strongly in representation. However, for example, If my character is on camera, Caucasian (must be Caucasian) and was born and raised in India and has a light Hindi accent, of course that is acceptable! I am a voice coach and I have trained some of the most incredible POC actors. If you are ever looking for someone specific, ask me and I shall recommend only the best! Also I've used all of these dialects for VO work and many for theater so if you want to know specifics, just ask me. I'm an open book and better on the mic or on the phone. 

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